About Me

erin_leakeI am a mommy of four beautiful little girls and wife to a wonderful godly man.  It may be hard to imagine but my life as a stay-at-home mommy is a whirlwind and I’m just doing what I can to savor these years and be intimate with the Lord.

I never pictured myself raising children on the mission field so I’m in a constant state of learning and adjusting and compromising and FINDING JOY in all circumstances.

I have a few hobbies and lots of interests but frankly my life is kind of consumed with keeping sanity and order somewhat present.

The older I get (30 at the end of ’09–yikes) the less I care about the fact that I am a big dork.

I hope to be informative at times, entertaining at times and to help myself recognize the blessings in my life.  Warning: I have a desire to be very honest…I know this worries my husband.

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