I hate mold.

We drove hard for four days in order to walk into our house in Mexico by about 1am.  Walking in our house for the first time in five weeks was less than pleasant.  The dank air, water stains on the floor where the rain leaked in, mouse poop all over the girls beds….

We plopped the girls on the futon and went to bed.  I had to force myself to sleep and not think about the mountain of work I had before me in order to make our home livable.

The next morning, feeling anything but refreshed, I did my walk-through of the house and assessed the damage.

Fuzzy mold on walls—-blasted it with bleach.

Dusty smell of furniture and rug—super-soaked it with febreeze.

Mouse poop on beds—stripped beds and began the never ending laundry routine a mountain behind schedule.

Killed about 12 spiders in the first two days.

Prayed I wouldn’t find mouse poop in the girls’ dresser drawers.  Then prayed that I wouldn’t find mouse poop in EVERY dresser drawer.  Then brought the laundry basket in the room and emptied every single drawer.

The next night I was EXHAUSTED to say the least.  I went to bed feeling like I had taken about two steps on a 1,000 mile walking journey that would be my life for the foreseeable future.

THEN our landlord knocks on our door at about 10pm and informs us that the river is rising and that we should send the girls upstairs to sleep at our neighbor’s apartment while we put all of our belongings up high because there’s a very good chance our house will flood.

It turned out okay—we only had a little water come in and only a few houses in town were severely flooded.

Having to face everything that was under every couch, bed, shelf…everything was a bit frightening but actually ended up being somewhat of a blessing in the end.

The next day was spent cleaning every corner of our house and facing every scary place that I would normally want to avoid after being away for a while.  I never know what creatures may have found a home here while it’s been vacant.

It was spiritually healing in a sense, to face EVERY dark place in our home and overcome it.  As I’ve mention to many before, I believe there is a real paralell between the state of my home and my spiritual/mental/emotional health.

I am now slowly getting a handle on things.  My attitude is improving and I am jumping back into the flow of life here.

This is a very real aspect of life on the mission field and I just thought I’d share.  I’m not trying to complain or show you how tough I am.  I am not.  I am hanging on by a thin thread.  This is life at the moment but Praise God that He is lovingly strengthening that thin thread for me and will pull me up out of my puddle of self-pity and despair.  Okay, that sounds super dramatic…my point is that I have choices to make every day (we all do) and that’s when He pulls me up.  Basically I have to choose to LET him hoist me up out of this!  I’m learning and growing….slowly at times but I am choosing to persevere!

Playing in the yard in Idaho this summer.

Playing in the yard in Idaho this summer.

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3 Responses to “I hate mold.”

  1. Amy Ashland says:

    Wow, that is so overwhelming! I admire your perseverance in tackling all of it!

  2. amalie says:

    erin i love this blog! and you do sound so tough. ugh, mouse poop. major major ugh. i would have definitely cried. i just think this blog is great. please please please write more!

  3. Becky says:

    Oh man, a flood?! I’m afraid of what we’re coming back to! Just another week and a few days and we’ll be there.

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