Place of Peace

I desire that my home be a place of peace for my family and for anyone who enters.

Sometimes I get WAY too focused on the externals.  I want the front room to be tidy and homey and comfortable.  I feel like crumbs on the floor and shoes scattered everywhere and crooked couch blankets just alter the orderly, peaceful atmosphere that I would like to have.

What I miss is that in my OBSESSING over the physical look of the house I am adding stress to the atmosphere.

I love to put the kids down to bed, walk out and take a deep breath in a nice tidy,  peaceful living room.

This leads to me sometimes acting like a psycho running around barking orders at the girls to hurry up and pick up their junk.  I’m often sweating and out of breath by the time I go tuck the girls in.

I hate turning into such a crazy person just for a little order.  It’s not worth it.  That’s what I decided tonight.  I have GOT to chill out.

So here was my break-through—ready?  I didn’t let the time pressure me!!  I usually want them in bed at 7pm on the DOT.  This evening I just relaxed as they put away their things and I straightened things up a bit.  Then while they were finishing their dinner, I even got to mop the front room floor.

They were in their beds by 7:20.  And everything was FINE!  The world didn’t end.  And why haven’t I figured this out before???

It just feels so good to let go of this contraint and pressure and urgency of the clock in order to keep connected to the hearts of my children.

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3 Responses to “Place of Peace”

  1. So glad you found what works for you!!! I had (and still do ) the same issues but once I figured out that starting bed time prep just 5-10 min. before bedtime wasn’t cutting it I decided to start 30min. before. My kids ALWAYS say they are hungry when I announce bed time so I tell them to eat NOW or forever hold their peace…then we get ready for bed and usually make it on time. I’m like you, I can relax so much better when the house is in order, that’s a rare occurrence around here 🙂 but I try to make it happen!

  2. Amy Ashland says:

    OK, I’ve been feeling bad about not meeting the bedtime deadline. I have a similar rush for bedtime. We get home at about 6pm, and S-Dog is already sleepy, so we hurry to feed him, then bathe him, then finish off his milk, then brush his teeth, then read a story, and get him in bed by 7pm. It’s crazy. I feel bad because he is so tired, but it has become more of a 7:30pm bedtime, so we can take a breath here and there.

  3. Marci says:

    I missed reading about your life and adventures in Mexico! Praying for you, your fam, and your life as a mom!
    Marci Miller

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