My Time-Starved Marriage

A few years ago Chris brought home a book for us to read and go through together.  It’s called Your Time-Starved Marriage by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott.

The parts I’ve read have been hilariously accurate and frighteningly true!  Bear with me because I haven’t actually finished it yet….ya know, life’s busy….things happen and we haven’t really had time….

Anyway, I have a new determination to get through this book as I think it has some great tools and good insight that could really help us.

Chris and I are quite opposite in so many ways.  We’re like this 90’s song.  However, the Lord has orchestrated His wonderful will and as long as we keep the focus on serving each other instead of ourselves, we will learn so much from each other.

Like, I’ll learn that doing a load of laundry every day is better than waiting until the pile reaches the ceiling and causes me to pull out my hair and cry.

He’ll learn how much fun it is to completely ditch a well thought out plan and just do something dumb fun!

The book talks about 4 basic time styles…

The Accomodator, the Dreamer, the Planner, and the Processor.

It pretty much nails us both.  Of course I’m somewhere between Accomodator and Dreamer and he’s somewhere between Planner and Processor.

Sometimes it’s just good for me to realize that there are many other people in the world like Chris who know what time it is even without looking at their watch.

And if he happens to be wrong….he’d be more likely to question the accuracy of the clock.  Seriously.  But he’s only ever off by a minute or two.

Amazing to me.  I don’t even know what day it is half the time.

It’s also good for him to see that I’m not a complete freak because I call something a 5 minute walk when it’s actually a 30 minute walk.  There are others out there!!!!!

Hello, fellow Dreamers!!!


Well now that I’ve spent entirely too much time blabbing about this book (or have I?  Who knows.  Oh, I’ll ask Chris.  He said “close to an hour.”)

No.  That’s not possible.  Feels like about 15 minutes.

Back to the book—It’s about helping couples understand and manage this elusive thing called time and learning to be more connected.

You can take the assesment and visit their website here.

Now, we’re going to finish this book!  Anyone else ever heard of it or read it??

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3 Responses to “My Time-Starved Marriage”

  1. Hmmm sounds interesting….my marriage is definitely time starved!!!! I think we might need to buy this one :) Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. mandergirl says:

    that is too funny… you and your brother are so alike on this one… i guess that means I am like chris.. oh wait, I took that test and I am 49% a planner and 37% a processor, is anyone surprised? I think NOT! sounds like a good book, may need to read that one too!

  3. Erin says:

    Charlsie—the only problem is finding the time to read it :)
    Bekah—Yah, Gabe, Dad and I are similar and then you, Chris and Mom are similar….the planning, organized ones! It’s a pretty fun book to read.

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