What’s new?

Well I’ve done it. The exact thing I didn’t want to do. Start this blog and then just stop posting regularly. Here’s the thing–sometimes life is just so lively that you don’t have time to really contemplate or reflect much,
let alone remember your password for WordPress.

I’ll try not to bore you too much here with a few updates.
1. The two older girls have started back to school.
2. Hmm….could’ve sworn there was more stuff going on.

And there’s a glimpse into my life. I’m easily bored but VERY easliy overwhelmed….it’s quite a challenge finding the balance :)

Actually, there are some very deep things stirring around up there in my scatterbrain but I haven’t had the time to sort and fold and put away. Laundry is a struggle too, but what else is new?

Serious moment:
It has been quite the battle for me to embrace what I have been called to do. Just when I think I’ve come so far, I realize that I have so much further to go. I’ve seen this pattern quite a few times. Please tell me that’s not how it always is…someone? Please? At some point you just “arrive” right? Okay don’t tell me cause I think I know the answer.

Oh what a journey the past five years on the mission field have been…..
I am so thankful for the patience and grace the Father has for me.

Off to put away the last of the laundry…

Blessings to you all!

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3 Responses to “What’s new?”

  1. Helen H says:

    Yeah, you know the answer – I haven’t arrived yet, even though I have a long head start on you. The point is to enjoy the journey, even with all the bumps and bruises acquired along the way. That way you don’t miss any of those special joyous memories that last a lifetime.
    Just so you know, today’s the first time I’ve read a blog since David N had his first stint at boot camp. I don’t think I ever responded. I got Chris’ e-mail and decided to click on his blog, read that then found the link to yours, and here I am.
    Guess it’s time to get back to work, but I’ll try to do a better job of keeping in touch. I still miss all of you. Praise God you’re where He wants you!

  2. As I have mentioned before…I LOVE “Erin’s Perspective”…but unfortunately, Erin, I have to tell you that you actually NEVER “arrive” rather the journey always continues…on and on…but just take the good, throw out the bad, and stay centered on the “prize”…to me, it sounds like you are defintely centered!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Erin says:

    Helen—SO good to be in touch! Yes, I am trying not to miss any of those special memories that seems so annoying right now. Like Jenna’s clothes strike or Gloria’s inability to sit by herself so I can get something done 🙂 Or the older girls and their constant clothes changing…oh I could go on.
    Leesi–Not sure how centered I am but I know (in my head) at least, that it’s about the journey. Thanks for the comments! I always love hearing from friends and famiy—especially when someone can relate or share some wisdom 🙂

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