Grocery Shopping

I used to LOVE grocery shopping….seriously. They say that grocery stores are designed to suck you in and hypnotize you into staying longer because the longer you stay, the more money you spend. AMEN! I used to enjoy strolling up and down the isles in a daze. I probably made almost three full circles a trip.

Well things are a bit different now, aren’t they….Why yes, they are! Let me tell you what grocery shopping looks like for me now. (Little side note here: I’m not complaining, in fact I find it quite amusing)

Load up all four kids in the car (I won’t even mention traffic…well I guess I just did.) Go to the only grocery store in town that has shopping carts to buy things like cereal, diapers, yogurt, butter, flour, shampoo (and occasionally they have conditioner.) Then we drive to an outdoor veggie market every Friday where we can get all our fresh veggies and fruit. There is a stand off to the side that sells nuts, dried beans and chilis and another that sells fresh cheese.

A lot of little corner stores sell eggs, but not the big grocery store so we usually buy those right near our house.
If we need tortillas we walk to go to one of the many tortillerias around town. Then meat is in another entirely different location right in the center of town. We’re practically vegetarian these days for two reasons: 1. The idea of dragging us all up there…oh man I’m sweating just thinking about it. 2. The smell. Ew.

So that’s the routine for the basics. Now if we want any frozen foods or “convenience” food that’s a two and half hour drive to the big city.

Think about this: Glue, aspirin, powdered sugar, fresh baked bread, trash bags, wrapping paper, socks, bananas, chicken breasts, hair ribbons, tools, clothing, fabric, and magazines all have their very own location…apart from each other :) Sure makes ya appreciate one-stop shopping where all of these things could be found in one store.
BUT where’s the fun in that? I feel like I’m living in the olden days and I kind of like it.

Let me be honest….I don’t ALWAYS like it. However, speaking of the olden days….we DO get fresh milk delivered to our door every morning by a sweet little grandma who milks the cows herself. Now THAT is awesome! I’ll take that over Walmart any day.

Here, this is in case I'm boring you with my ranting.

Here, this is in case I'm boring you with my ranting.

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6 Responses to “Grocery Shopping”

  1. molly says:

    things are a little different here! i get to shop a couple times a year. and boy is that over whelming, and in the summer months the barge that comes every other week will have produce that didn’t freze on the way here from seattle, and if i get there in time before they sell out i may get a bag of bananas my personal fav, for $1.89/lb and once in a while we splurge on something green. so my general groceries come from shoppng in a black and white catalog from Span Alaska, and a case of lentels or anything else is not appatizing. when we first moved here i gained weight i think from all the bread i was baking out of experimenting, now i’ve lost alot and i’m thinking it’s because i am o sick of fish!!! and cooking.. anyway. God is so good, we are so fortunate! our pantry is full. we live in a land of bounty and the berries are almost on! and we have great friends who love to ook for company, and that i’m (or at least Shane) is good for.

  2. Ha I thought you were going to write about grocery shopping in the store with the 4 girls and I was going to say that our lives are pretty similar….but you are right, going to all the different stores is not all that fun! I do miss the tortillas though!!!

  3. Jill says:

    Wow! I can understand the positives and negatives. Less processed, knowing what exactly you are buying and where it comes from is nice, but lots of work to get it.

  4. Erin says:

    Wow, Molly! What a different perspective! I will think about you whenever we eat our bananas that we get for some ridiculously cheap price! You are tough!
    Charlsie—I know you know how crazy it is…but you’re right—it really is worth it!
    Jill—Exactly…hard, yes but definitely worth it for most things :)

  5. Amy says:

    Wow, I really admire you. We also have to go to several stores to get everything we need, but I’m blessed with a husband who is willing to run around to them all really quick (luckily they’re close) while I stay home with the baby. You are the mother of all mothers!

  6. Erin says:

    Amy–Yah, there are plenty of times when Chris will pick stuff up on his way home or sometimes I’ll go after the kids are in bed (if places are still open) and sometimes I’ll run in while Chris stays in the car with the kids. It’s not all bad—but it is quite the adventure most of the time :)

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