God’s Move

The city we live in

The city we live in

God is moving in this city! We have a team of medical people here from the States doing a clinic in our town and amazing things are happening!

People are praying and God is healing! People are walking into the clinic with sickness and pain and walking away with none! Oh what an exciting time.

This is when it gets a little difficult for me to remember my calling and to know what to do with it. I haven’t gotten to be there for any of it or witness any of the healings and I guess I get a little jealous. I feel a little left out sometimes because I’m at home with the kids even though I know this is my ministry.

I need to remember that the God who is over at the clinic healing people is the same God who is here with me and the kids! We are not going to be left behind this move—even if I have to strap one kid on my front, one on my back and one in each hand we are riding His wave! We welcome Your move Lord, right here in the Leake house and to the ends of the Earth!!! Amen!

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