Five-year-old babysitter

My upstairs neighbor is almost 30 weeks pregnant but has been having some problems.  At one point the baby’s heart rate was low, at another her blood pressure was high.  I’m not clear on exactly what the problem is but she is supposed to be on bed rest.  (I’ve requested prayer for her on Facebook—just wanted to update those of you who had been praying.)

A few days ago she asked if we could watch her little one year old while she and her husband went to the doctor.  They were gone from 8am to almost 5pm.

I was a little nervous about having 5 under 5 for the whole day but it was actually really fun.  And the only reason it wasn’t difficult was because Lauryn was such a HUGE help.  She really was the babysitter.

old and new random may 09 009

old and new random may 09 011

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2 Responses to “Five-year-old babysitter”

  1. Grammi says:

    What a big helper and wonderful babysitter you are!
    Today I met a little girl from Mexico who just turned 7 years old. She has a baby sister who is one year old. I told her you and Molly speak Spanish and she would like to play with you! I miss all of you a lot…my four precious girls and your Mommy and Daddy. Give everyone a smooch from Grammi.

  2. Micah Leake says:

    WOW! Lauryn’s hair is SO long!!!!
    7 DAYS TILL I SEE YOU GUYS!!!!! :)

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